"i pray there's a god at the end of all this."



looking up from my laptop, and my eyes meet the words of the shirt hanging on my closet door-- words that have come to define a year: “i pray there’s a god at the end of all this.” prophetic musings from andre 3000. apparently he gets it.


          vintage fur coat black brown suede playground playgroundvs vintage black velvet long red maxi sweater playground playgroundvs 


as eerily prescient as that feeling is (or is it just in response to consistent chaos?), we don’t know what’s going to happen next (we’re reminded of that with every commercial that acts like it just discovered the word “uncertainty”). one of my friends used to always say, “i knew that was going to happen” when something happened. never before like a true clairvoyant, which naturally led me to question her nonexistent powers and ultimately started to annoy the hell out of me. no, it was always after, almost in an effort to rub it in that the inconvenient mishap of the moment could have been avoided. spoiler: she didn’t know shit. and neither do we. but may we move forward from this year as if we actually learned something and be intentional about the moves we make.


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2020 has produced a sort of collective, “okay, this is it; this is how it ends”. on some inception type shit-- was this a dream? how did so much happen in what feels like 5 minutes? isn’t that how leo said dreams work? is the top still spinning? if i’m not already asleep, i’m going back.


1919 housed the last pandemic. 

2020 was its own dumpster fire. 

i truly feel for the people inhabiting this place when 2121 pulls a “hold my beer”.


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there was quarantining with a side of finding yourself and the evolution (and/or dissolution) of relationships plus a tall glass of reckonings. it was a lot. we were reminded of the importance of mamba mentality (if you don’t know what this is, google it). 


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this is how i plan on stepping into 2021. with armor. with attitude. with confidence. with hindsight. when *clap* i *clap* tell *clap* you, THIS is the well-deserved and much-needed mood for next one can tell me shit. and i want the same for you. for all of us after a hard-fought year.

you may think i’m crazy, but at this point...cheers to the year that was. cheers to hindsight. cheers to 2020. 

bye, bitch.