about us


for those who just CAN’T do minimalist vintage


the playground is a bit of a throwback. there is a freedom associated with it. obviously fun and ease follow not too far behind. playgrounds are a place where anything goes--its inhabitants create their own rules with minimal outside influences. but to be clear, a playground is not a utopia. [we are not just one thing. we are not just one time. we are not just one look.]


great vintage clothes create an opportunity to 1) have what few to no other people have and 2) style your modern clothes with a little something extra. we present that opportunity with a curated selection of some of the best vintage and rare finds. treat us like your own personal vintage curators. in an effort to showcase vintage how many people actually wear it, our pieces are presented with a mix of contemporary pieces. this store promotes a certain level of trust--you can buy from PLAYGROUND knowing you won’t be walking around looking like a thrift store. (not that there’s anything wrong with it if that’s your thing.) everything has a modern, relevant feel to it that will fit seamlessly in your wardrobe. take a pair of billowy wide-leg pants from the 70s and tell a new, modern story, demonstrating your penchant for reimagination. take a dress from the 90s and revamp and revitalize a style you once rocked, proving your own sartorial growth.


there are many different types of personalities that enjoy vintage, and we like to reflect that in our presentation. we’re not here to tell you what to wear. we’re not here to dictate what you “need” to have. we’re here to tell stories, serving as a little dose of inspiration in the hopes that we can help you tell your own story through your personal style. PLAYGROUND aims to be a reflection of individuality.


it’s colorful. it’s not too serious. it’s fun. this is not your average vintage store. as we grow and move forward, our world, our playground, will naturally evolve. we have a few surprises up our sleeves so keep checking back and find out what’s happening at the PLAYGROUND.